The npMagic Plugin

This Netscape plugin lies to Flash so Flash 10 will work in Opera under Solaris

Just create a directory called magic in your plugin path and place there. Then place in your real plugin directory, where you placed your magic directory.

The structure is fixed. An example would be:

Terse instructions for the impatient

cd /usr/lib/opera/plugins 
pfexec curl '' -o ./ 
pfexec mkdir magic 
pfexec ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ magic/

And you're done.

See also


The npMagic source file

The Solaris 11 (snv 115) x86 binary

Untested by developer: A sparc binary, built on s10u7. Reported to work.

Contact Information

Questions, bugrepors and thanks can be sent to:


Screenshot of Opera showing the WoW Armory which probably expires sometime in 2011.

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