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MariaDB: Get the Load Average

Here we present a simple user defined function in C, that returns the load average.

The function returns a string formatted like top‘s because C functions cannot return individual rows nor an array of reals.

The following code can be viewed as an example code for user defined functions in C — or alternatively as an example of how to use snprintf() correctly.

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MariaDB Replication on the Same Host for Testing

In this short tutorial, we’ll go through the steps required to set up MariaDB for replication on the same host. We are doing this for development purposes, and only run ephemeral MariaDB servers directly in terminal windows. We don’t edit any config files and instead use command line parameters to set up the server processes.

These instructions go through the motion of creating a database, populating it with some data, dumping it, and configuring replication for it—even though this is strictly not necessary. This is in preparation for a database which already contains some data in it; if you want to configure replication for an entirely fresh installation, you can cut out some steps.

The path to the MariaDB installation reflects MacPorts but apart from that these instructions are entirely independent of any operating system.

Notice. This tutorial does not go over the steps required for securing a MariaDB installation and doesn’t include any reference to passwords nor grant statements.

By the end of the process, you should have at least four open terminal windows, two of them running MariaDB servers, and two connection to each of them.

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