Building SBCL on OS X Yosemite

A month or two ago, it did not work to build Steel Banks Common Lisp on OS X Yosemite. Or at least it never worked for me.

This has been fixed now, at least as of recent git checkout, and quite possibly SBCL 1.3.10.

If you get an error like the following,

ld: library not found for -lgcc_s.10.4

then you can try this (as far as I know) totally undocumented switch


and the build will succeed.

Happy lisping with SBCL!

2 thoughts on “Building SBCL on OS X Yosemite

  1. THANKS !! One other thing…do you recall how you fixed the SEGFAULT error
    when you tried to build Xemacs on Yosemite ? Can’t figure it out myself.

    Or…if you have a link to an xemacs that will actually build correctly (without using macports ) on Yosemite
    (not that Rudix crap either) I’m all ears.

    1. Your welcome. No right now I don’t remember how I fixed that, but I’ll see if I can share my method soon.

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